About ZK Oracle A privacy-preserving cross-chain oracle for Web3

ZK Oracle is a Polkadot-based privacy-preserving oracle network, aiming to expand the application areas of Web3 applications in real business environments.


The main mission of ZK Oracle is to bridge the gap between decentralized applications and real-world data, using economic incentive models to ensure that data is accurate and reliable.

Key Features
Multi-chain Interoperability

ZK Oracle leverages the wisdom of Polkadot to power the ZK Oracle network for Web3 applications, providing multiple applications such as DeFi with scalability, security and cross-chain interoperability.

Privacy Protection

ZK Oracle adopts the Zero-Knowledge Proof encryption library to protect the data privacy of Application Data Provider(ADP), thereby expanding the application areas of Web3 applications in real business environments

Community Governance

The holders of native token ZKT own full control over the ZK Oracle Community through the built-in voting and governance mechanism.

Beyond NFT & DeFi Use-cases

The flexible design of ZK Oracle allows developers to build any type of on-chain applications connecting to the universal oracle system of ZK Oracle. Developers can freely create any application using any type of data(market data, weather, IOT data,etc.), including NFT-based crypto games and DeFi applications.

Built on Polkadot Network

To support the ecosystem construction, ZK Oracle will be initially designed and developed based on SERO chain, the Turing complete smart contract platform, and will migrate to the cross-chain Substrate architecture connecting to the Polkadot Network when the technology matures.

About Us

ZK Oracle is a completely community-driven project. Its founding community members include the development team of famous privacy protection protocol SERO, early blockchain evangelists, blockchain architecture and technical experts, and famous community leaders.

ZK Oracle is aiming to build the scalable Layer 2 component layer of SERO chain, the world's first truly privacy protection platform for decentralized applications, providing a trustless, reliable and permissionless cross-chain oracle service for the entire blockchain ecosystem.

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